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The Our Wyoming Life ranch is a premiere hunting location in Northeast Wyoming. Located only 12 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming and offering a hunting range of over 5000 acres, the Our Wyoming Life ranch has established itself as a leader in both ranching and wildlife managment.

Currently the ranch is offering Pronghorn Antelope hunts all located within Pronghorn hunt area "23" for the 2020 October hunting season.

If you are interested in hunting on the ranch you will be required to fill out an application (below) and will be subject to a phone interview prior to booking your actual hunt. If you are selected for the limited hunting dates available there will be a non-refundable booking fee due when you schedule your hunt.


How much does it cost?

In order to be fair to all hunters and maintain the quality of wildlife management we strive for, there are costs involved in hunting the Our Wyoming Life Ranch. 

During your hunt on the ranch you can expect to incur these normal fees:

Wyoming Fish and Game Fees

The State of Wyoming charges fees to resident and out of state hunters. Those fees vary and are detailed on the Wyoming Fish and Game Website. A link is provided below with procedures and pricing.

Travel and Lodging

Travel and lodging while hunting on the ranch is the hunter's responsibility. Links below contain the address and directions to the ranch as well as links to lodging options in and around Gillette, Wyoming.

Deposit and Trespass Fees

While hunting on the ranch all hunters will be required to pay a 100$ per day trespass fee. This fee ensures the future habitat of the pronghorn on the ranch, including water source management, feed and fence repair. Upon booking your hunting trip on the ranch, all hunters will be required to make a 50% deposit. This deposit will reserve your days on the ranch. This deposit is refundable (less 10% for credit card fees). The other 50% of your trespass fees are non refundable and will be invoiced on June 20th and due by July 1st. Failure to pay the rest of your deposit by that time will be taken as a withdrawl and your deposit will be refunded (less 10% for credit card fees)

Harvest Fees

Payable only after you harvest your animals, harvest fees are paid in cash and appropriated toward the management of the ranch for future generations. Harvest fees are $300 per buck and $150 per doe antelope.

I’m IN! How do I apply?

Keep on reading, at the bottom of this page is a link to apply for space to hunt on the ranch.  After filing out the application you will recieve a phone call from us to get to know you, your hunting needs and experience and your time frame for your hunt.

You will be notified by phone or email of your success in landing a hunt on the ranch!

Applying for Pronghorn Antelope Tags

All tags for antelope are obtained, applied for and paid for through Wyoming Fish and Game.

Although area 23 is one of the highest populated areas for Pronghorn Antelope, we highly suggest that you put in for the state antelope draw and don’t count on buying tags over the counter.  


To apply for tags please visit Wyoming Game and Fish Departments website or click the link below.

Travel and Lodging

The Our Wyoming Life ranch is located 12 miles south of Gillette, Wyoming

Directions to the ranch

Fly into the Gillette Airport

Hunting Visitor Guide

Gillette Wyoming Hotels

Stay on the Ranch with AirBnB


We only provide semi-guided hunts and not a fully outfitted or guided hunting experience. This allows you to control your hunt and the outcome, however, it does require that you have some hunting experience.  There will be no guide to help you scout, clean or pack out your animal, these skills are going to be required to hunt on the ranch.

Upon your arrival you will recieve a tour of the property, and a map, concentrating on propery lines and hunting areas.  

You will have access to a hunters area and shelter, which includes bathroom facilities, cleaning and cutting areas, hot water, refriderators and freezers.  

If you are interested in staying on the ranch, we suggest you check on availability of the orginal farm house for your stay while hunting.  There are also accomedations available in Gillette, Wyoming, a 15-20 minute drive from the ranch.

During your hunt you will have the ability to contact a manager at anytime. If you have questions or concerns we urge you to contact us immediatly for assistance. 

The later you schedule in the hunting season the more challenging your hunt will be as animals become more catious and aware.  

Up to 6 people are allowed to hunt the ranch in a single day.  We have found that having more than one group hunting the ranch is actually benificial as hunters will move animals through the ranch.  This opens up opportunities for other hunters.  

Once you have your kill, you can process it yourself, using our facilities, or take it to town for processing at one of our wild game processing facilities.

If you require the use of a freezer, one will be available to you, as well as tables and cleaning facilites.


The choice of when to apply for hunting on the ranch is up to you.  Some will apply before they have even applied for tags, others will apply after they know if they drew.

Keep in mind that as the year goes on, availablity goes down.  There are only a few days out of the month that hunting is available on the ranch, and we allow time in between hunts for the animals to settle down.

In past years we average a harvest of about 30-40 antelope off the ranch for the entire month of October and very few hunters go home empty handed.

In order to making hunting fair and available to all we require all hunters to fill out a quick questionaire.  This will give us some background on when you would like to hunt and your party.  

After you submit your application, a representative of Our Wyoming Life will contact you by phone to conduct a short interview.  

Within a few days of that interview, you will be contacted by email to let you know if you have been accepted to hunt or not.  If you have been invited to hunt the Our Wyoming Life Ranch you will be redirected to an online scheduling program to book your hunt and pay your deposit.

We would appreciate the names of all in your hunting party, although we know sometimes this is unavailable at the time of booking. Keep in mind, however, that only 6 hunters are allowed on the ranch at a time and if you have extra hunters join you later, there may not be slots on the ranch for them to hunt.

If you are ready to apply for your hunt, please click the button below:

2020 Hunting spots are filled.


Hunting is an integral part of the ranch, and helps provide for a sustainable ecosystem for all involved. We hope to talk to you soon and can't wait to meet you on the ranch in October!